Vinyl Addiction Episode 3- tonight @ 8pm Pacific on MYX

Episode 3 features coverage of VTN (Vinyl Toy Network) and interviews with kaNO, Dave Flores, Aaron “Angry Woebots “ Martin, and MAD.

MYX can currently be seen on
-Comcast Channel 368 in the California Bay Area,
-Cox Ch. 479 (Orange County) and Cox Ch. 464 (Northern Virginia).
It’s also on DirecTV – (International box)Channel 2067

2 Responses to “Vinyl Addiction Episode 3- tonight @ 8pm Pacific on MYX”

  1. marka says:

    Jess this is HOT!! cant wait for this to drop!

  2. Israel Ramirez says:

    Really enjoying the show. I love the music and the theme music and the animation is great. Love the quick cuts in the editing and the fact that every episode is chock full of art and photos.

    Keep pimping the Mexican Artists Jesse. I can’t wait for Azteca Dunny’s series two, for Mictlan and for whatever else you have in store.

    I recently picked up Jesse’s Monkey God at Comic Con. I’m the guy who complained about the blind boxing. Julio Cesar Chavez and Oscar de la Hoya didn’t blind box and neither should you.

    Then I had to track down the 8-inch Jaguar Warrior on ebay. I’ve also had to track down an inscale aztec weapon. I’m also considering having him hold the severed heart that came with the Indiana Jones Vinyl fig.

    What kind of paint should I use if I want to convert him into bloody variant?

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