SDCC RE-CAP : Bandito Muerto Signing/ Live Painting @ Black Ball Party/ Mictlan Resin Coverage

SDCC was off the hook this year, had a blast chillin with all the Old and new homies. Big Shouts out to Angry Woebots, Yoskay Yamamoto, & Luke Chueh for gettin down on the Live Painting, always cool to rock with you brothaz. The Whole Kidrobot Crew for the dope signing loved how the Piece turned out,  Jack from VinylPulse , Jonathan Ma, Tracy Tubera, Long Vo, David Horvath, Brian K, Munky King, MAD, Dragatomi, Francisco Herrera, Chauskosis, Nakanari, Shawnimals, Brandt & Kathie, Andrew Bell, Lamour Supreme, Mishka, Skinner, OG Slick, Severe1, Carl from Tribal, BRISKOne , Palmetto, Dez, Jerome Lu, Kano, Ritzy, Shane, Sket (Said its my best piece yet) One, Kevin Winnick, DKE, Adam Krohn / Upper Playground, Tara Mcpherson, Ron English, Attaboy, Linda Le, Betso, Jay222, Tim Miller, Big Spanks, all the fans that came thru to pick up the piece & too many other dope people to name.

Here’s some links to peep the Madness:

VP Coverage of the Bandito Muerto Signing @ Kidrobot

Vinyl Pulse Coverage of the Black Ball

KRonikle Piece

KR’s Bandito Signing Flickr Set

VP Resin Coverage

IF you missed it, You can always find one on…lol

Keep an eye out for A/P’s of El Bandito coming soon!

Live Painting @ the Black Ball (Munky King/ DTA Party)

Finished Piece

Shot Callers!

Revealed the Hernandez Subscriber Mystery Exclusive

(Normally not that Guy)…..but

Uglydoll Creator David Horvath..You’re the Man, thanks again!!

Met the Homie Wuvywuv from P.O.D. stay cool homes

The Freakin Lawnmower Man Jeff Fahey was party hoppin with us

Met Iron Mike Tyson, really made it feel like I was in the Hangover

Destin Pfaff from “Millionaire Matchmaker” the wifey watches Bravo, had to catch a pic.

Q: Is he related to Drama Pfaff?

“Angel” and “Matsuko” from “DEXTER” real cool cats.

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