My Daughter in Animal Witness Commercial

My Daughter is in the commercial for Animal Witness, gettin her Mack on ….lolol. This commercial has been airing all over animal planet and even on Access Hollywood. The Show airs Sunday night at 10PM.

Bad Rap Blog about the show

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  1. Jon Low says:

    The image of your daughter petting that dog is priceless. To see the adorable little girl smiling, petting the ‘big, horrible pit bull’ speaks volumes about the true nature of these terribly misunderstood animals. Did you adopt or foster any of the Vick dogs? If not, are you a pit owner yourself?


    Thanks man,
    Yeah I own and foster pits they are all rescue dogs, and yeah we’re fostering one of the Vick dogs, named Zippy.

    She’s hella cute and tiny, you’d be amazed how small most of the Vick dogs actually are.

    You hit the nail on the head bro, Pitbulls are awesome family dogs.
    They used to be the dog of choice back in the day. Freakin Lil Rascals used to roll with a pit.

    Peace thanks for the comment,

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