Live Painting at Outside Lands Aug. 10th

Urban Aztec x Chez One will be busting a live painting collaboration at Outside Lands in SF August 10th!! Come thru!

Big ups To Jeben , Chez and Juxtapoz! I’m pumped to come rock here!

For 2014, Outside Lands, in partnership with artist and curator Jeben Berg and San Francisco’s very own Juxtapoz Magazine, is proud to announce our roster of talented visual artists creating your #OLOutsiderArt. These prolific artists and visual storytellers come from San Francisco and abroad bringing a diverse range of daily live painting, musical theater, art-performance, and installations.

We will have some of our favorites from past years, as well as new artists including Aden Catalani, Griffin, and Jesse Hernandez. Dennis Mcnett will be unveiling a new larger than life sculpture. The Mike Shine stage continues to grow and captivate with his Medicine Show Revival; Dr. Flotsam’s Hell Brew Revue, with theatrics, visuals, and musical guest appearances.

This year includes a great schedule of daily live painting at the triangle on the Polo field.

Friday August 8th – Sam Flores + N8 Van Dyke, SIX, Ricky Watts + Sean Griffin
Saturday August 9th – Eos + Kango + Aden Catalani, Apex, Renos
Sunday August 10th – Marcos LaFarga + Ken Davis, Satyr, Chez + Urban Aztec

Follow all the action on Instagram #OLOutsiderArt

Jeben Berg @Jebenair
Joey Colombo @jdotcolombo
Apex @apexer
Marcos LaFarga @MarcosLafarga
Ricky Watts @rickywatts
Dennis McNett @wolfbat
Chez @chezgrizzly
Diet @timdiet
Sam Flores @samagram12
ken davis @coolhandken
Griffin @GriffinOne
Jesse Hernandez @Urbanaztec
Andres Guerrero @coronadeoro

Pastime @lifeandtimes
Aden Catalani @ac2design
Brett Frizelle @kangokidunr
N8 Van Dyke @69N8vandyke
Renos @renosoner
Suzannah Snell @SnellYaLater1234

Juxtapoz Magazine @juxtapozmag #juxtapozmag

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