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Thud Rumble Gallery Opening Jan. 29th 2010

Thud Rumble LTD. is proud to open the doors to Thud Rumble Gallery, the premier destination where visual art and DJing collide, located in downtown San Mateo, California. Our private gallery is based on a devotion to urban street art, sculpture and model figurines while showcasing DJ collectables, custom equipment and rare vinyl records. The opening reception for our new space will present works from artist Mars-1, Damon Soule, Jesse Hernandez, Downtimer and Jay 222 on Friday, January 29th, 2010.

Working with multi-talented artists in the music industry, Thud Rumble LTD. manages musical production, feature film, event architecture, global product manufacturing & distribution, investments, international licensing, Internet properties, artist management, and now a premiere art gallery. Stemming from roots in the scratch DJ circuit founders Ritche “Yogafrog” Desuasido & Richard “DJ Qbert” Quitevis, have encircled themselves with artists from all aspects of hip-hop and urban cultures. Qbert, a devout collector of contemporary art, sculpture and model figurines owns work from some of the most legendary Bay Area graffiti artists such as Doug Cunningham aka DUG-1, Mario Mars-1 Martinez, NOME, Apex, and Katch-1. Their artwork has intrigued both civilians and art enthusiasts for years and is the inspiration behind Thud Rumble Gallery.

Branching to the rich artistic population of visual, audio and conceptual art we have created a space formed upon the unique tastes of influential figures of San Francisco and the greater the Bay Area at Thud Rumble Gallery. We hope to inspire, intrigue and appeal to both visual and audio senses. Please join us for the opening of Thud Rumble Gallery on Friday, January 29th, 2010. We are limited in space so please RSVP for the event.

About The Artists

San Francisco-based artist, Mario Martinez (aka MARS-1) is an emerging painter and visual artist, with roots in West Coast graffiti art. Working primarily on canvases and in sculpture, his unique style has been described as urban-Gothic, a dimensional grid of self-echoing harmonics, and sci-fi abstracted, quasi-organic form. He has shown in galleries throughout the United States.

Originally from New Orleans, Damon Soule studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He cofounded FIT skateboards and Civilian Clothing in 1996, both early platforms for his art. Lacksadayscycle, a solo exhibition of his work, appeared at Lineage Gallery in Philadelphia in 2007. Since 2000, Soule’s paintings and drawings have been featured in group exhibitions in San Francisco at 111 Minna Gallery, White Walls, Punch Gallery, Southern Exposure Gallery, Rizzoli Gallery, Culture Cache, New Langton Arts and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Jesse Hernandez’s art has been called “Urban Native or Urban Aztec” as he combines traditional indigenous styles and themes with an urban street sensibility. His work utilizes bold line work, sharp colors, and dynamic imagery. He earned a BFA in Digital Media from the San Francisco Art Institute, and studied painting with noted Native American artist Robert Penn, a student of Oscar Howe who is often referred to as the father of Modern Native American painting.

Ryan Alm, (aka Downtimer) is inspired by the juxtaposition and frequent battle between the natural and man-made worlds. With a focus on depth, flow, and perspective, Downtimer’s new works range from abstract graffiti to figurative and three-dimensional pieces. Although his technique often varies, the interplay of natural patterns remains at the core of his art.

Jason Sawyer’s, also know as Jay222, passion lies in sculpting toys. The creatures he creates are sometimes sculpted as a reflection of our world and how we treat one another, other times inspired from a deceased comic book character. Jay222 owes all of his artistic talent to hip-hop. From his days of B-boying and DJing, hip hop taught him to have passion and to practice, practice, practice.

On the same Day in NYC Jan 29th, 2010

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