Outside Lands Live painting @Chezgrizzly...


Live Painting at Outside Lands Aug. 10th...

Urban Aztec x Chez One will be busting a live painting collaboration at Outside Lands in SF August 10th!! Come thru!

Big ups To Jeben , Chez and Juxtapoz! I’m pumped to come rock here!

For 2014, Outside Lands, in partnership with artist and curator Jeben Berg and San Francisco’s very own Juxtapoz Magazine, is proud to announce our roster of talented visual artists creating your #OLOutsiderArt. These prolific artists and visual storytellers come from San Francisco and abroad bringing a diverse range of daily live painting, musical theater, art-performance, and installations.

We will have some of our favorites from past years, as well as new artists including Aden Catalani, Griffin, and Jesse Hernandez. Dennis Mcnett will be unveiling a new larger than life sculpture. The Mike Shine stage continues to grow and captivate with his Medicine Show Revival; Dr. Flotsam’s Hell Brew Revue, with theatrics, visuals, and musical guest appearances.

This year includes a great schedule of daily live painting at the triangle on the Polo field.

Friday August 8th – Sam Flores + N8 Van Dyke, SIX, Ricky Watts + Sean Griffin
Saturday August 9th – Eos + Kango + Aden Catalani, Apex, Renos
Sunday August 10th – Marcos LaFarga + Ken Davis, Satyr, Chez + Urban Aztec

Follow all the action on Instagram #OLOutsiderArt

Jeben Berg @Jebenair
Joey Colombo @jdotcolombo
Apex @apexer
Marcos LaFarga @MarcosLafarga
Ricky Watts @rickywatts
Dennis McNett @wolfbat
Chez @chezgrizzly
Diet @timdiet
Sam Flores @samagram12
ken davis @coolhandken
Griffin @GriffinOne
Jesse Hernandez @Urbanaztec
Andres Guerrero @coronadeoro

Pastime @lifeandtimes
Aden Catalani @ac2design
Brett Frizelle @kangokidunr
N8 Van Dyke @69N8vandyke
Renos @renosoner
Suzannah Snell @SnellYaLater1234

Juxtapoz Magazine @juxtapozmag #juxtapozmag


URBANAZTEC Headphone collaboration with ...

New: #urbanaztec limited edition headband collabo with @solrepublic just came out get yours right here #jessehernandez #artistedition #limited #rare #gold #azteca #mayahuel #huehueteotl #got some illness on the otherwise too, they came out sick. #solrepublic #hotfire




Hydro74 x Hernandez Death Serpent “...


CRED video online now...


“JAGUAR KNIGHT” Toy release/...

Jesse Hernandez will be in Los Angeles signing the Jaguar Knight OG Edition this Saturday,

January 26th, from 7pm to 8pm followed by a launch reception from 8pm to 10pm.

Please join us at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at

7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.

More info HERE

The Jaguar Knight is a weapon-wielding Azteca warrior, towering over other toys at almost 12″ inches tall. The figure comes armed with its macuahuitl ,shield and 7 points of articulation. Jaguar Knight OG edition is limited to just 360 pieces including the ultra limited chase Gold version.


*Update* Official Jesse Hernandez 2012/2...

2012 /2013 Season Subscription ‏Limited to 13 Collectors for (2013).
As a subscriber you will receive every planned release by Jesse Hernandez for the  2012 – 2013 Season
Every piece will come signed and numbered (unless you don’t want them signed) with your slotted number.
You will also get EXCLUSIVES not available to anyone but you, and first dibs on any other products that drop in 2013 not included here.
Not to mention you may get them before they are available to the rest of the world.

So what’s included you ask?

You’re guaranteed 1 Artist Proof of everything on this list

Jaguar Knight w/Pobber Toys – 7 total
Original Version- 300 pcs
Southern Version- 85 pcs
Peyote Version – 85 pcs
Shadow version- 85pcs
Gold Chase Version- 50 pcs (1:6 ratio)
Jungle Version – 35 pcs
Production Blank- 15 pcs

Death Serpent w/ Kuso Vinyl – 8 total
Original Version
Southern Version
Peyote Version
Jungle Version
Shadow version
Ghost version
Gold Chase Version
Production Blank- 15 pcs

10Doh/ Squid Kids Ink
Aztec Jaguar 10doh
(Chase) Gold Version Aztec Jaguar 10doh

Apocalypse Dunny series “Kukulcan Dunny”
Apocalypse Dunny series “Kukulcan Dunny” Chase Shadow version

 200 pcs
MECHA AZTECA (Blank) 15 pcs

Subscriber Exclusives:
Luchador Mask
Custom painted Mecha Azteca limited to 13pcs
MYSTERY EXCLUSIVE limited to 13pcs
MYSTERY EXCLUSIVE limited to 13 pcs
Exclusive T-Shirt (Size specified)
Entrance to the Member’s only Raffle for a 1 of a Kind Custom Toys, Original Drawings, and an Original Painting.

What does it cost?
$3000 USD shipping included in the US (And these are some big pieces)
Cash, Check, or Paypal

International subscriptions will be considered, but shipping will be additional

To become a Subscriber or ask a question
Drop an email to:

First come first served, Once payment is received your spot is locked and you’ll be able to pick your Subscription #

(The subscription will end on Dia De los Muertos of 2013, The subscription is Non-Refundable)


(Video) Jesse Hernandez painting the Mural at SK Tienda in Mexico City #Timelapse #mexicocity #UrbanAztec


MAKE IT RAIN!!! Twick ICP vs Jesse Herna...

Video timelapse of the MAKE IT RAIN mural!

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