Jesse Hernandez On "NativeVoice TV"

Recently I was asked to be interviewed on “Native Voice TV” a community show in San Jose, California, that spotlights Indigenous artists, musicians, and other members of the Native Community. It was a great honor, and I had a real fun time sharing my work with the people there. Thanks again to the hostess Cihaupili Rose Amador, for having me on, and Dave and Cuauhcihuatl for putting me in contact. I actually ended up being the guest for 2 half an hour shows. So keep an eye out for them airing on Comcast in the San Jose Area this Sunday on channel 15 at 6PM. And the Second episode on sunday the 24th also at 6pm. I’ll be uploading it to youtube for those who can’t watch the program on cable.

Here’s a few pics from the Taping. Big Shout out to the whole crew there, everything went real smooth.


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  1. DragonCypher says:

    Good shit man! It’s about time you get more shine.

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